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Scoring Olympic ski jumping

Number Sense Geometry Sports
The scoring rubric for each of the Olympic events is intended to eliminate the possibility of scoring bias from the judges.  Let your students learn more about the scoring of one event and deci...

Bits, bytes, and nibbles

Algebra Number Sense Math and Science Ratio and Proportion
Clicking on the image will show it larger. I'm not very good at understanding how large my device capacities are and how big the files that I want to download are in comparison.  I decid...

What time is it in Cambodia?

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Math and Science
I need help!  My daughter is traveling in Cambodia and we are supposed to Skype just before her dinner time in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  What time is that here in Boston?Let you students ...

Geometry of Flooding

Number Sense Geometry Math and Science
In 2010, March was so rainy that flooding was the topic of every newscast and many, many conversations. The picture shows how students went home from school in Wayland Mass. on Mar...
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