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It's almost summer now

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Math and Science Math and Food Ratio and Proportion Data and probability Funny
How much water do you have to drink?   In this activity student develop formulas for calculating their water needs, learn about the effects of too little wat...

Giant beach towel

Geometry Math and Art Ratio and Proportion 3-act tasks Data and probability Wow factor
Beaches are starting to open again. Bring summertime smiles and hopes to your class with this activity.  Towel project by Misael Soto. Act One: Check out this beach towel!  Wh...

Do I have enough wrapping paper?

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Holidays and Annual Events 3-act tasks
In this problem based activity students first guess and then try to calculate whether they will have enough paper to wrap this present without taping pieces of wrapping paper together. Con...

How much pee is in this pool?

Number Sense Geometry Math and Science Funny Wow factor
After chlorination, it has been hard to measure the quantity of pollutants in pool water.  A Canadian chemist, Xing-Fang Li, has found a marker for urine that chlorine doesn't disguise....

Will one roll be enough?

Number Sense Geometry Holidays and Annual Events Ratio and Proportion
Students can use the man or the basket as a reference as they try to approximate the size of these gifts and how much wrapping paper will actually be needed. Approximation, surface are...

What can you tell about a snowflake?

Geometry Math and Science Math and Art
As a snowflake falls from the sky, its crystal grows according to the humidity and temperatures of the air that it passes through. In this activity, students interpret a graphic that clarifies ...

Ramen noodle heist

Number Sense Geometry Math and Food Ratio and Proportion
In 2018, a truck trailer was stolen from a parking lot in Georgia. The trailer was filled with Ramen noodle packages and its contents were valued at $98,000. What do you wonder about this heist?&...

I bought toilet paper online

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Ratio and Proportion Funny
We needed more toilet paper at home but there wasn't any at the store. So, I ordered this online.  When it came I was surprised.  Read on ...

May 27th launch from the U.S. again

Geometry Math and Science Math and Social Studies Current events
May 27 scrubbed because of weather. Successfully launched Saturday, May 30th, 3:22 pm EDT.  Dragon is on the way to the ISS now. Wednesday, May 27th will be a momentous day for space tr...

Make a costume from a sheet

Algebra Geometry Holidays and Annual Events
  Whoops! Maybe I need a larger sheet.  I'm going to make a costume pattern to sell.  People can buy my plan and make awesome, long, full, scary, ghost costumes.  This scheme...
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