Giant beach towel

2023-11-20 09:44:52

Giant beach towel

Beaches are starting to open again. Bring summertime smiles and hopes to your class with this activity. 

beach_towelTowel project by Misael Soto.

Act One: Check out this beach towel!  What do you wonder? What would you like to know? Miami artist, Misael Soto, created this giant art project to make a statement about people sharing. In the morning he brings sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and games to share and ... lays out his towel.

Act Two: Study the pictures in BeachTowelActivity-guide.pdf  to see what you can figure out.

Act Three:  The reveal

For Adventurer members we have a PowerPoint presentation to help present this puzzle to your class, an editable Word docx of the activity, and teaching suggestions with solutions.

Download PDF Download Editable Files
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