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The Blue Marble

Geometry Math and Science Holidays and Annual Events
Sunday, April 22nd, 2018, is Earth Day. Use this activity to demonstrate the various mappings of our 3-d Earth to a 2-d piece of paper. Students compare maps with this famous photo and check to...

Green, green river

Algebra Number Sense Holidays and Annual Events Ratio and Proportion
During the St. Patrick's Day parade in Chicago, the local plumbers union dyes the Chicago River emerald green. Students learn what PPM (parts per million) means and  attempt to figure ...

HDTV Surprise!

Number Sense Geometry
  How were your holidays?  Your school vacation?  Mine was good. I surprised my family with this HDTV, which I wrapped and hung on our wall.  The size of an HDTV is determined by ...

California wildfire

Number Sense Geometry Math and Science
Wildfires are burning in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Yosemite National Park.  In this activity we ask students to examine various maps of this California region, calculate distances us...

Crop circles

Algebra Geometry Math and Art
  In the travel section of our newspaper this week, Wiltshire, England was a recommended destination to see Stonehendge and crop circles  ...........  crop circles? Many of the ...

Ladder figuring

Algebra Number Sense Geometry
   Brian can't even go to his town's spring festival without seeing math. Let your class approximate the height or length of this ladder by using the relative size of the cars or the p...


Number Sense Geometry Math and Science Math and Food Ratio and Proportion
Brian loves Twinkies and the news that Hostess is going out of business has upset him terribly.  He needs his Twinkies.  Twinkies last forever.  Right?  He's going ...

Why Does it Stay in Orbit?

Algebra Geometry Math and Science
On Monday, the space shuttle Endeavor launched for the last time. The six astronauts on board docked this morning at the International Space Station to join the 6 astronauts and cosmonauts who l...

Geometry of Flooding

Number Sense Geometry Math and Science
In 2010, March was so rainy that flooding was the topic of every newscast and many, many conversations. The picture shows how students went home from school in Wayland Mass. on Mar...
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