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New Pirates of the Caribbean (2017) - How profitable?

Algebra Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
The fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie opened on Friday, May 26th ,2017. Your students might be looking forward to seeing this movie and motivated to understand the investment expenses and pr...

What does 95% confidence in the poll results mean?

Algebra Number Sense Math and Social Studies Data and probability
There have been a lot of polls about who will win the Presidential election. I get so confused when polling results are reported.  What is a 95% confidence measure? What's the margin of ...

Fantastic Beasts - What did it cost to make?

Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
In 2001, J.K.Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter series) wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie of this book opened on November 18th, 2016.  This is the first in a ...

How much does a Lego cost?

Algebra Number Sense Ratio and Proportion 3-act tasks Data and probability
This is a three act task, with an activity guide.  Show students the act one video.  What questions do they have?  How much could the Star Wars kit cost?  Follow the  activi...

Season 12, American Idol

Number Sense Holidays and Annual Events Data and probability
Let your student study American Idol viewing figures over the last eleven seasons. Students compare historical season premier and season finale audience size in several different ways to determi...

What time is it in Cambodia?

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Math and Science
I need help!  My daughter is traveling in Cambodia and we are supposed to Skype just before her dinner time in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  What time is that here in Boston?Let you students ...

It sure is cold out ... or is it?

Algebra Number Sense Math and Science Data and probability
Students ponder the relationship between place latitudes and average January temperatures while they try to discover a correlation. Is this a linear or near linear relationship? … averaging, mis...
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