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tags: flow chart
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Ranked Choice Voting in NYC

Algebra Number Sense Math and Social Studies Current events Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
New York City is still tallying its election results for a new Mayor.  This year they tried Ranked Choice Voting.  What does that mean? How does that work?  What are the ramificat...

Gonna be a Leap Year

Number Sense Math and Science Data and probability
  By George C. Baxley  This year we will add the 29th of February to our year?  Why do we do that?  How can you tell?  What if we didn't add a day every 4 years? Stud...

Leicester City Foxes - from underdogs to Champions

Algebra Number Sense Sports
Recently, to the surprise and elation of England and the world, the Leicester City Foxes became the winners of the British football association's Premier League.  What was the big deal?  L...
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