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Chocolate heart-shaped raspberry cake

Geometry Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events Math and Art
For Valentine's Day, bake a cake! Students calculate base area or volume of cakes made from 2 cake pan sizes and observe how the volume of the cake changes with the increased pan size. &nbs...

How old are you?

Algebra Number Sense Ratio and Proportion Wow factor
We usually give our ages in years, but that isn't very precise is it?  In this activity students find their age in days, hours and minutes.  First students take two minutes to estimate the...

Value of a lifetime of Whoppers?

Algebra Number Sense Math and Social Studies Math and Food Current events Ratio and Proportion
Locked in a smelly bathroom for one hour and then promised a lifetime of Whopper meals🍔, an Oregon man sued BK when the manager's promise was withdrawn.  How much money should he ask for in hi...

The Olympic Torch trip in South Korea

Math and Social Studies Sports Current events Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
On October 24, 2017, the Olympic flame was captured on Mount Olympus, Greece. That flame lit one of this year's Olympic Torches and the Torch relay was begun on its way to the opening Winter Olympic...

Shrinking Toblerone

Number Sense Geometry Math and Food Current events Ratio and Proportion
  New York Times photo - Credit Darren Staples/Reuters  They changed it.  That is so not fair ... or is it? You can check out a video news story on the delicious shrinking Toblero...
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