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tags: 7.RPA
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Heating with wood - What's a cord?

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Ratio and Proportion Any time math
Do you know what a cord of wood looks like? What size stack is that? What's a thrown stack? What's the dog's name that is standing in front of the wood? How long can I heat my house with that much fue...

The odds of horse race betting

Algebra Number Sense Sports Current events Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
Rich Strike surprised everyone at the Kentucky Derby horse race in early May by moving from 18th place at the half-way mark (out of 20 horses) to winning the race. Churchill Downs, the track in...

Let's learn to gerrymander

Geometry Math and Social Studies Current events Ratio and Proportion
In this activity student first try to redistrict our pretend state in order to preserve the overall state's balance in its new districting plan.  Then, students redistrict our pretend state in a ...
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