Mother's Day

2024-04-24 19:46:02

Mother's Day

How much do we spend on Mother's Day - Use the Mother's Day event to engage your students in approximating, reasoning, and investigating as students estimate how much is spent in the United States for Mother's Day.

  • For what is money spent?
  • For whom is money spent?
  • What is a low guess?
  • What is a high guess?
  • What facts would you like to know?

For Adventurer members we have an editable Word docx and solutions.

Food for thought: Will consumers spend more in 2024 or Mother's Day? If so, by how much? Why or why not?

Check out other Mother's day activities:

  • What time should I wake up? - I'm going to get up early to make my mom breakfast in bed. Of course I want the eggs and biscuits to be hot when I bring the tray to her but I also like to sleep as long as I can. 3.MD, 3.OA, 4.MD, 4.OA, MP5
  • Thank you mother and father for all of those diapers - Which is a better deal, cloth or disposable diapers?  How much did you cost your parents in diapers?  An investigation which develops and uses systems of equations. CCSS: 6.EE.9, 7.EE.4, 8.F.2, 8.F.4, 8.EE.8, HS.F-IF.8.B, HS.F-LE.2, HS.F-LE.5, MP7, MP8

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