Hands of Support

2023-11-20 09:44:36

Hands of Support

Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian sculptor, created and temporarily installed this piece of art entitled "Support" in Venice.  Quinn used his own children's hands to design this piece.  His intention was to demonstrate our need of human support to ensure the continued existence for our natural and man-made world. In this 3-act activity we ask students to imagine the size of the child that would have these huge hands.

Act I: Giant-hands-of-LorenzoQuinn.pdf

Act II: 

  • We have written two methods for approximating this child's height.  By asking students to measure their own hands and relate that measurement to their own height
  • And by using published artistic ratios (including Leonardo DaVinci's) to calculate the child's height: Act2-using-published-ratios.pdf

Act III: The reveal

For Adventurer members we have an editable Act I document and our own solutions to the calculations.

Download PDF Download Editable Files
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