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Pizza party figuring

Number Sense Geometry Math and Food
  In this activity students decide how to divide 2 pizzas amongst 6 adults and 3 pizzas amongst 8 kids.  Fractional pizza parts need to be drawn and considerations discussed about which f...

How many wings did the Bills send the Bengals?

Algebra Math and Food Sports Ratio and Proportion
  Cincinnati Bengals serving their thank-you gift from the Buffalo Bills to the Autism High School at the Children's Home of Cincinnati On December 31st, 2017, the Cincinnati Benga...

Is my son going to win again?

Algebra Number Sense
  Brian son's pretty young but is he still going to whoop his dad?  They were playing Monopoly Junior.  Can you decide who will win?  In this activity use addition and/or multiplicatio...

Population Clock

Algebra Number Sense Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
How in the world does this clock conclude that there is a net gain in the United States of one person every 14 seconds? Have a little care about younger children when using this activity. T...

Layla's antibiotics

Number Sense
  Layla The dosage of Layla's medication was confusing to our friend Kim.  How many days was she supposed to give Layla the meds?   How many pills does she need to cut into pie...

How many cars are there?

Number Sense Geometry 3-act tasks
Brian came home from work to find that his son had his toy cars organized in a tight parking lot on our front porch. ? Below is a video version of our power point for the activity, whic...

Chicken to share

Number Sense Math and Food
How many pieces does each person get when $10 is supposed to feed two people? Which would you buy and how much is each piece of your choice?  How many nuggets do you guess are in tha...

Pick-a-brick wall at the Lego store

Number Sense Geometry 3-act tasks Data and probability
There are walls at the Lego stores that are filled with individual Lego parts.  You can fill a bucket and pick out exactly what you need. Use this activity to get your students ...

Big Papi

Algebra Math and Food Sports 3-act tasks
  What do you wonder? How many donuts make up this Big Papi tribute? What would be useful to help you figure this out? The following pictures that will open in new ...

How high can a gymnastic score be?

Algebra Number Sense Sports
Gymnasts have just successfully competed in St Louis, Missouri for positions on the USA Olympic team.  As you watch their performances don't you wonder how their scores are determined&nb...
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