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Lighting the 2022 Olympic Torch

Algebra Geometry Math and Science Sports Holidays and Annual Events
On October 18th, 2021 the Olympic Torch was lit in Greece.  It was lit without the help of a flame or a match.  It was lit by concentrating the rays of our Sun. From Olympi...

Tiny vacuum with a huge reach

Algebra Number Sense Geometry 3-act tasks
From the vacuum description and advertisement in the PDF, how long do you think its cord must be? Thanks to Brian Shoemaker, Newton, MA teacher, for the idea and pictures.

What's my angle?

Geometry Math and Science
I'm going to help save the planet by adding solar panels to my roof! Should I tilt the panels on my roof to more accurately aim towards the Sun? If so, at what angle should I use? S...

Ladder figuring

Algebra Number Sense Geometry
   Brian can't even go to his town's spring festival without seeing math. Let your class approximate the height or length of this ladder by using the relative size of the cars or the p...
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