Happy Pi Day

2024-03-05 19:22:42

Happy Pi Day

6 Activities for π day! 

Click on the download pdf button at the bottom for the activities. For adventurer memebers, we have the editable docx and solutions. 

Activity #1The logic of finding the perimeters of inscribed and circumscribed polygons as the number of sides to the polygons increase.

Microsoft Word - π-day-solutions.doc

Activity #2: Calculate some approximations of π.
Using a process like the one Archimedes used, let’s get some approximations for
π. We will try to increase the number of sides of a polygon that is inscribed in a circle and measure its perimeter, diagonal, and the ratio of these two numbers.

Microsoft Word - π-day-solutions.doc

Activity #3: Where students can show off their ability to memorize a lot of π.

Microsoft Word - π-day-solutions.doc

Activity #4: Discover π.  Measuring these circumferences and dividing the object’s circumference measure by its diameter, let’s students see π appear as the ratio. Students spend a day of class measuring various round items; practicing exact measurements; long dividing their own measurements by the radius measurements; and comparing their resulting ratios.

Activity #5: Hat sizes; Hat size is a measure of the diameter of your head ... but how do you measure that ... through your ears?

Activity #6: Around the world; This could be used as a starter/opener. 

GeoGebra has a great demo to show that the area of a circle can be shown as any number of pie slices rearranged into a parallelogram.   The GeoGebraTube Area of Circles applet was created by Anthony Or, Education Bureau, Hong Kong.  The video below has been created by Brian Marks. 

We hope your Pi Day be filled with infinite circles of fun and mathematical wonder!

Image by freepik

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